With business expansion, Distribution Services was formed in 2012 as part of the BSL integrated service under Warehouse and Distribution Services.

Services provided by DSS include:

  • Warehousing and storage Management
  • Integrated Web-based Logistics Management System (LMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Shipment documentation, permit Clearance, and trucking
  • Container Vanning and Devanning Services
  • Sorting and Put-away
  • Bulk Stack and Pallet storage
  • Pick and Pack Services
  • Value Added Services (Kitting, bundling, repacking, Shrink-wrapping, …etc)
  • Inventory Management
  • Medical Devices / Equipment Handling / Parts Management
  • Export shipment administration and handling
  • RF Scanning
  • Cycle count and Stock Take
  • FIFO / FEFO management
  • Return / exchange / reject / recycle management
  • Reverse Logistics Management
  • Disposal Management
  • POD / COD administration management
  • Reports
  • Billing services
  • Others

Distribution Services include:

  • Local transportation to KD and non-KD
  • Home delivery to all residence sites in Singapore
  • Bulk delivery (DCs, Service Centres and Departmental Stores)
  • Road show set up, delivery and collection
  • Hospitals / Clinics / other governmental agencies delivery
  • Project site delivery