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From inter-modal transportation, warehousing and distribution, to effectively managing large-scale and complex project logistics, Bok Seng Logistics offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end logistics solutions in the Southeast Asian region.

Well equipped with yard spaces, waterfronts across seven countries, and over 1.5 million sq feet of warehousing facility in Singapore, including a large fleet of specialised heavy vehicles that range from prime movers, hydraulic and crawler cranes, modular multi-axle trailers, lorry cranes, covered trucks and other specialist vehicles, we are experts in solving all types of logistics challenges smoothly and effectively for you.

Ready network and global connectivity

Strong footprint and presence in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand

Over 400 regional logisticians and engineers

Over 100 fleet of specialised heavy vehicles for land transportation and project logistics

Strong engineering capability for precise implementation and feasibility studies

Serves a wide range of industries: marine, oil and gas, healthcare, defence, construction, energy, industrial, electronics and retail

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